Why You do not Sleep with Your Phone?

Mobile phones are part of our lives, and sometimes our nights. Their company on the pillow can have detrimental consequences on our sleep. Explanations.

8 out of 10 people would keep their phones switched on at night ( OFCOM ), and 60% of French people would check their phones within one hour of waking. A tool for working or socializing for some, a “blanket” for others, even an addiction, smartphones have yet nothing to do in our beds. If the skeptics are not yet convinced, the consequences that the late use of our mobile phones can have on the organism are numerous.

A cycle of sleep threatened

Today, one in three people is experiencing difficulty falling asleep. Among the youngest is 30% of students from 4th which do not fall asleep before 23h. One explanation is the late use of screens, especially smartphones, which 9 out of 10 people consult in the evenings. However, these filters would reduce sleep time by 30 to 45 minutes due to the light they release. Indeed, this blue light has a stimulating effect on the body, comparable to that attributed to caffeine: increased heart rate, less production of melatonin – sleep hormone. The sleep cycle is thus altered, due to the confusion day/night.

Smartphones also tend to make our sleep lighter. Unconsciously, keeping his laptop near you at night sends a message to the body: that of being on guard, to be ready to answer any request. Sleep will, therefore, be shallower and less restorative for the body. This symptom of “hypervigilance” is not insignificant: people who use their phones after 9 pm would sleep less than the others …

Finally, cell phones emit permanently microwave, which stops only when it is off. They affect the vital functions of the brain and can lead to irritability, headaches, or memory problems.

How to pick up?

Turning off your laptop is not easy when you are always used to know it. However, it is strongly advised not to leave the laptop under the pillow. To fall asleep serenely, you should turn off all electronic devices 1 hour before going to bed.
If you are not ready, you can start by cutting off the internet connection and leaving your smartphone at more than one meter from your bed.
Finally, many people let their phone recharge during the night, while it is under the pillow. Once plugged in, the phone tends to overheat and can, therefore, become dangerous.

Simply put, it’s important to let our laptops rest, just like us! The night must be used to recharge our batteries, exhausted during the day. Only a restful and calm sleep will be sufficient not to accumulate fatigue. Challenge yourself and turn on your mobile phone only when you are leaving your home. Because finally, everyone is entitled to disconnection.

Some tricks to disconnect gently:

  • Disable notifications, or even (for the more hardened) the connection;
  • Test yourself and go out without your laptop, or at least without your charger;
  • Find a map of your city rather than activate the GPS and invest in an alarm clock;
  • Always have a good book about you.

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