Tips and Tricks for Heavy Legs

Tingling, numbness, a feeling of thick legs or even a mere discomfort should alert you especially if you are taking a contraceptive. These are signs that indicate suffering of the veins and capillaries that sooner or later can lead to venous insufficiency.

Nearly one in four women is affected, regardless of age. If nothing is done to correct it, the legs will begin to swell at the ankles. The dilated veins will form varicose veins, and the lesions will soon be irreversible. With a significant risk, phlebitis, thrombosis of a vein and in the worst case (fortunately exceptional) pulmonary embolism.

Some general rules to be respected:
Prevention is necessarily based on physical activity, a diet to avoid overweight, correction of any deficiencies in vitamin C2cand vitamin C. Walking, which promotes venous return by pressure The plantar footbed, helps to lighten the work of the veins of the lower limbs. Cycling and swimming are also helpful in improving blood circulation and venous return.

Some hygiene rules are also helpful: 
Raise the legs at night by placing a wedge under the feet of the bed.
Avoid crossing your legs while sitting.
Do not expose your legs to full sunlight in the summer.
Avoid sources of heat, including underfloor heating.
Avoid stomping and trying to walk while working.
Do not wear too tight clothing at the waist.

On a diet:
Avoid eating too fat and too sweet.
Avoid spices including pepper.
Tobacco, alcohol, excess coffee can also contribute to venous insufficiency.

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