Laughter is Good for Health

If your last frank laughter goes back more than a few hours, it’s time to put some joy back into your daily life. Especially as it is excellent for health and morale.

Would you doubt the power of the impact of laughter on our health? The incredible story of Norman Cousins should make you change your mind. In the 1960s, this American journalist learns that he is suffering from a disabling inflammatory disease of the spine. Refusing prognosis doctors announcing her future in a wheelchair, he decided to shut himself up in a hotel room to watch funny movies and read comic books by taking the vitamin C. For three months, he spends his days laughing at the shrapnel … and he heals. From then on, he became passionate about laughter as a therapy, till he taught at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Laughter is Serious
This extreme case reveals the power of laughter on our health. This primitive reflex involves a chain reaction in the organism, which puts us in a state of almost euphoric well-being. A logical consequence since laughter makes a cheerful chemical cocktail in our brain, based on endorphins, also known as the “hormone of happiness,” catecholamines and serotonin.

“The release of endorphins has an antidepressant and anxiolytic pronounced, ” says Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in his book Healing (ed. Robert Laffont). Here we are in a positive frame of mind where our enthusiasm, memory, capacity for action and reflection, our confidence in us are stimulated while our sensitivity to pain and the risk of depression diminish.

The benefits of laughter are not just cerebral. Dr. Henri Rubinstein, the author of the book Psychosomatique du Rire, laughs for healing (Robert Laffont) likes to call laughter ” stationary jogging .” This image is not exaggerated: the laughter solicits the muscles of the face but also the belly, the thorax and even the arms and the legs. A complete and gentle activity which one would be wrong to deprive oneself of.

As if muscling was not enough, hilarity leads to a better oxygenation of the blood because it multiplies and exaggerates our inspirations and expirations. By increasing the mobilization of white blood cells, laughter reinforces immune defenses and, in particular, cleanses the upper respiratory tract, reduces asthma attacks and lung infections.

Also, laughter stabilizes heart rate, decreases blood pressure and promotes cholesterol elimination. Finally, and without seeking to be exhaustive on the benefits of laughter, let us note that it favors the digestion, the movements of the diaphragm massaging the digestive organs.

Constructing laughter
Laughter is therefore to ensure a 100% natural dose of well-being that it is up to us to stimulate. For this, Yves-Alexandre Thalmann, author of Rigolothérapie, recommends for example to create funny fantasies.
Just like sexual fantasies (si, si!), These are scenarios that we create from scratch and down to the last detail, except that they aim to ” trigger laughter or, failing that, to enhance our Humor .” Once the scenario is built, it is only necessary to bring the story to oneself when one feels that one needs to cheer up.

You can also participate in laughter clubs or practice laughter yoga. Some people want to laugh together because they understand the value of having their zygomatic work.
It is necessary to let go of the plunge in the workshops and to appreciate the comical situations that are not lacking: you imagine to remain sober by imitating a chicken among other convinced participants, to chain the “Ho-ho ha-ha -ha “(laughing yoga mantra) without smiling and realize the most beautiful pairs of figure skating without skates without feeling gray?

We laugh, we laugh, but we never laugh. Everyone runs in good humor and recharges his batteries to the rhythm of bursts of laughter. Take a look at, the portal of francophone laughter clubs, to find a club near you.

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