Out to Get Older without Getting Aging

What is aging? A large question to which Lise Bourbeau gives a reply full of benevolence. To grow old is to take care of oneself and to appreciate oneself.

This is a subject on which I could write a whole book. For my part, the older I am, the more people ask me how I stay so lively and full of energy. It’s hard to say in a few words because it does not depend on just a few factors.┬áSo I will go to the point in this article.

The first factor is that we should not start thinking that we should look after our old age at age 60 or when we begin to feel old. It is a process to start as young as possible. To stay fit and feel alive even as we age, we must take care of our three bodies: the physical, the emotional and the mental.

On the physical level, the most important thing, in my opinion, is to drink every day the eight glasses of water necessary for our body. In the second place, exercise and ensure that you give clean air to your body. For example, walking at least half an hour a day, in the open air if possible, and at least four or five times a week. Of course, this is followed by a diet as natural as possible.

On the emotional side: take the time to wonder how you feel several times a day. When one experiences emotions (anger, frustration, discouragement, sadness, etc.) make sure to give oneself the right to be human and to have difficulties for the moment. To give oneself the right, to observe oneself allows us to feel better quickly and also helps to find solutions.

Another excellent suggestion is to have gratitude for every little moment of happiness, which happens to all several times a day. To end the day by saying THANK YOU to yourself, to others and to the Universe for what has happened to us is an excellent habit to be taken every evening. The quality of sleep is improved compared to thinking about unpleasant things before we fall asleep or listen to our ego scare us.

On the mental level: throughout our lives, never stop using our memory and feed our spiritual body by reading helpful and positive books. Make sure to have hobbies that help us calm down and not attack us like violent TV shows.

I am confident that you have heard these recommendations in the past, but a small reminder can be useful at times. However, all these suggestions can only serve you if you give yourself as a life mandate to learn to love and respect you more and more every year. A person who does not like himself finds an excuse to fail to feed his three bodies.

To love oneself is to give oneself the right to be a human being, to have qualities, defects, ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses, fears and courage, non-beneficial beliefs fed by our Ego, boundaries, etc. We know that we accept an aspect of ourselves when we accept this same issue in someone else.

This is particularly challenging when we do not agree with one point. Take the example that you do not love yourself when you are distracted, and you forget something important. If you believe that you agree to be so, be alert to situations where another person will be distracted from something important and will cause unpleasant consequences. Are you able to not feel anger at that time? Even just a little? Can you give him the right to be so, to be human even if you disagree?

Also, check out what you are afraid of yourself and give yourself the right to be still scared of this kind of situation. Be aware that fear invades you only because you give permission to your ego (usually in an unconscious way) to take control of your mind, which at the same time affects your emotions.

Although I am applying the physical, emotional and mental suggestions cited above, I am convinced that it is the acceptance I have just strongly suggested that is much more important than all the rest and that Is the primary cause of the energy and good health that I continue to retain while growing older.

Why ? Because when we entertain emotions and fears, it takes a lot of our energy reserve and also affects the whole digestive system. So by accepting our emotions and fears, as well as allowing others, as we go along, these feelings and fears have microscopic time to feed on our energy.

This spiritual dimension – which is to love and accept each other more each year – is very powerful and has the advantage of having a fast effect on our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

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