7 Best Food for Running Stamina

The sporting performances go through a proper training but also by an adapted feed. In preparation for a marathon or to recover after exercise, which food should be preferred?

There is no question of approaching a marathon or even a single race without a particular diet! Here is the list of products that will help you to bear the effort and achieve your goal.

Banana is a perfect snack before a session. Rich in carbohydrates, it gives the necessary boost. It is also a fast fuel to be assimilated by the body. Rich in potassium, it also avoids muscle cramps.

Oilseeds (hazelnut, cashew nuts, almonds …) are an excellent source of healthy fat. Full of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, are excellent complements to a particular scheme running. You can also consume them in purées, provided that they are without sugar or added salt.

● That vegetarian is reassured, two eggs bring as much protein as 100g of meat or fish (according to INRA ). Proteins stuffed with essential amino acids that help nourish the muscle during exercise and facilitate muscle recovery.

● We take advantage of the winter to fill up with sweet potato, a powerful antioxidant thanks to its record level of vitamin A. Rich in manganese (a mineral), it can help avoid injuries.

● Do not forget that the stress exerted on the body by running has an impact on bone health. It is, therefore, advisable to regularly consume free calcium dairy products to avoid fractures.

Quinoa is a very healthy alternative to pasta! It contains slow sugars that provide energy over an extended period and a significant intake of proteins that repair the muscle.

● Provided good quality, Salmon is an excellent food for runners. It prevents cardiovascular diseases thanks to Omega-3 and helps in the growth of lean mass thanks to proteins.

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