5 Virtues and Benefits of Oats

What are the health benefits of oats? Discover the virtues of this plant for our organism quickly.

Oats were the basis of food in the Nordic countries, notably in Scotland, Scandinavia and northern Germany. Historically in France, oats were mainly intended for horses. But times have changed, today oats are appreciated in different forms and especially for its benefits.

Oats is depurative
Oats contain a significant amount of amino acids. Thus, it has a depurative action for the organism because it promotes the elimination of the toxins.

It helps to improve digestion
Rich in soluble fiber, oats would facilitate digestion of food, transit to the intestines and thus avoid the problems of constipation.

It allows controlling his blood sugar
Is found in oats the presence of beta-glucan, a soluble fiber, which helps normalize blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Indeed, oat beta-glucan slows the rise in blood glucose levels after a meal. Also, with an average GI (Glycemic index) (about 60/65), this would be the ideal breakfast cereal.  You can, therefore, integrate it into your breakfast in the form of milk or porridge and enjoy yourself by varying the recipes.

It increases the feeling of satiety Oatmeal also has the advantage of reducing hunger thanks to a high index of satiety. Also, for 100g you will find about 350 calories, which is less than most breakfast cereals. It is therefore a food that can be preferred as part of a diet.

Oats an ally for the skin 
Oats is also rich in antioxidants. It could thus help  to soften and  heal the skin. It is therefore particularly recommended in case of dry skin, dehydrated, or even in case of eczema. Beauty Tip: It is possible to make a bath with oat water and / or  a mask with oat flakes.

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