10 tips to do with toothpaste

Do you know all the uses of toothpaste?

Perhaps you did not know it yet, but toothpaste is very popular and used for a lot of homemade tricks and tricks. Whether for household chores or as a beauty trick, toothpaste is very popular.

What is wonderful is that we all have toothpaste at home. 10 Tips now offer you her selection of the best tricks to do with toothpaste.

The ten tips with toothpaste:

1. Toothpaste as anti button

Many people do it already, but did you know that toothpaste may be an excellent anti-button? Before lying down, just apply a little toothpaste on the button and let it act all night. The button should have decreased by a lot or even completely disappeared.

2. Finish fog with toothpaste!

Diving mask, ski mask, safety mask, whatever! To conclude with the mist, just apply toothpaste inside and then only wipe the toothpaste.

3. Small scratches on your shoes?

Are there small scratches and grafted on your leather shoes? If so, only add a little toothpaste to the leather and rub with a dry cloth. Then remove excess toothpaste not to make a mark on your leather shoes.

4. Delete an ink stain

Toothpaste can be used to remove ink stains or lipstick. To be rubbed the ink stain with toothpaste

5. Clean a jewel with toothpaste

To clean jewelry, be it a ring, chain, pendant or other, you can use toothpaste. But be careful, the toothpaste can damage the enamel of your jewelry, so go with caution!

6. Clog a hole in a wall

To do this, just fill the hole in a gypsum wall with toothpaste and let it dry and sanded the excess. But be careful, the only possible trick for small holes of nails, screws or bugs for example.

7. Repair your old CDs and DVDs

Do you have old CDs and DVDs that no longer work because of scratches? Just put toothpaste on the CD or DVD and wipe it all with a dry, soft cloth. Like magic, your CD and will be like new!

8. Clean tile joints

Are your pipe joints on the floor or the walls of the shower filthy? Just apply toothpaste in the joints and rub with an old toothbrush for example.

9. From the fog on the mirror of the bathroom?

To not have a mirror filled with fog after your shower, just spread out toothpaste on the mirror. Then rub until the toothpaste is no longer visible. No more fog in the bathroom with this trick!

10. Make your nails shiny and clean

Do you want to whiten your fingernails or toenails? Just use a small amount of toothpaste and rub with a dry cloth to your nails. In the end, beautiful nails clean and shiny!

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