10 things to do with bananas

There is a lot to do with your bananas at home!

Banana is an exotic fruit that is incredibly good for health because of all the potassium it offers. Low in calories and rich in fiber, it will give you everything you need, both in snacks and desserts or even in aesthetic and physical care!

And that’s without counting all she can do for you in everyday life! To discover the benefits of this succulent fruit, here are ten things to do with bananas!

1. Make a beauty mask with bananas

Crush one or more bananas and spread them on your face. Wait for about 20 minutes and then rinse.

2. For a tender meat

To make your meat tender during its baking, only add a banana without the skin in the dish. A little trick that works to soften the meat.

3. Shine the leather

Use a banana peel to polish your leather or even your silverware! The skin must first have been cleared of its tiny filaments. Once your leather or silver is thoroughly rubbed with the banana peel, finish off with a dry rag.

4. Make your plants shine with bananas

Use a banana peel to make your plants shine from home! Simply rub the banana skin on the leaves of your plants.

5. Frozen desserts … Yum yum!

Peel bananas and stick wooden sticks into each of them. Dip the tip of your banana in melted chocolate and place all the bananas on waxed paper. Put everything in the freezer, and once the bananas are frozen, you will have delicious iced desserts with banana!

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6. Bananas as fertilizer

Cut banana peels and place the pieces in the soil of your plants. This will be great nutrients for your plants.

7. As an anti-itch

If you are bitten by an insect, rub the inside of a banana peel on your bite for a quick relief of itching.

8. Against warts

Glue a piece of banana peel on your wart to speed up it’s healing. A natural trick against warts that works!

9. Bananas to control blood sugar

Bananas are excellent for regulating and controlling blood sugar levels!

10. Against Constipation

If you have constipation, know that bananas could help! Bananas will be useful allies for the colon and will help you to resolve your constipation problems.

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